13th Annual Bowl-a-Thon

On March 6, 2016, P.A.T.S. held their 13th annual Bowl-a-Thon at Park Place Lanes in Windham, N.H. Twenty clients participated in the exciting event.

Winners were:

Amy B. with most pledges

First Place Team

– Kim M.
– Robert H.
– T.J.
– Paul G.

Second Place Team

– Jason B.
– Allie G.
– Jan G.
– Joe M.

Third Place Team

– Brett S.
– Nicole D.
– Tim K.

Last Place Team

– Amy B.
– Steph H.
– Lynn D.

After bowling two strings, everyone gathered in the restaurant for pizzas, sodas, and more fun!

Special thank you to Salem Co-op Bank for sponsoring this event and to Park Place Lanes for allowing us to host this fundraiser at their facility for the past 13 years.

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