2018 Winter Sweepstakes Winners!

Special thank-you to everyone who participated in the calendar sales. It was a very good fundraiser and we all enjoyed the suspense from day to day. Congrats to all the winners.

Our next fund raiser event is the Bowl-a Thon which is on 3/11 at Park Place Lanes in Windham, NH. Please contact Pat Boivin @ 978-681-8948 if you are interested.

See you at the show at Salem N.H. High School on April 27th. Curtain time is 7:00 P.M. Admission is free but donations are always appreciated!

  1. Carolyn Wysocki
  2. Jim Donagan – GSG Supply
  3. Joe Paine
  4. Karen Cleary
  5. Ilise Wolpert
  6. Cathy Lingley
  7. Karen Hill
  8. Mark Stanganelli
  9. Mike Lombardi
  10. Ginny Schimanski
  11. “Prescott” from Georgetown, MA
  12. Teddy Hamel
  13. Bill Sine
  14. Meghan Brown
  15. Kevin Brown
  16. Barbara Lancelotta
  17. Susan Langevin
  18. Anne Mayo
  19. Chris Law
  20. Barbara Gallagher
  21. Jean and Al Khoury
  22. “Billy”, Freda’s friend
  23. Sherri McCann
  24. Lisa Roderick
  25. Laurie DuMont
  26. Linda Lombardi
  27. Kevin Shimer
  28. Tim Dodge
  29. Denis Lavin
  30. Dave Hallinan
  31. Dick Doherty

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