Who Is Sara Brown?

Sara Brown
Who is Sara Brown? Sara can be found every Tuesday at Pleasant Street Church, in Salem NH. You will know her right away when you walk in since she is directing, coaching, creating, hugging and hand holding adults of all ages with physical and mental challenges as she builds a theatrical performance of song and celebration that captures the essence of the human spirit.

Sara has been working with this group for over 19 years making her commute from Maine to Salem NH every Tuesday to manage rehearsals and produce two plays a year since its inception. After Sara decides on a theme for the performance, she starts to assign parts to the 67 + performers making sure everyone has a part. Her team immediately comes together to gather costumes, they start sizing them on the actors and then becoming seamstresses. Sound systems get put together and other volunteers help Sara get everyone into positions for rehearsals. This is only the beginning of the process and is ongoing until showtime. The performances are nearly a sold-out affair and no one leaves without a huge smile.

So, who is Sara Brown? She is more than the winner of the Myra Kraft MVP Community Award and you will never hear Sara talk about being given the “2016 New Hampshire’s 20 Outstanding Woman Award”. Sara is mother of Jason Brown. Jason was the spark that motivated Sara to start Play Among Stars Theatre Groupe. Sara wanted to teach / expose theatre to challenged kids and adults. It was created for the love of the Arts as well as giving these incredible people the opportunity to come together, socialize, share friendship and be a part of something that is spectacular. After all I believe this is the heartbeat of Play Among the Stars Theatre Groupe, an environment where these people can enhance social skills, create friendships, gain confidence, develop new skills and be involved in the community. Play Among the Stars Theatre Groupe, Inc. is a non-profit, non-sectarian, non-political voluntary corporation organized under the laws of New Hampshire and designed to serve the Developmentally Disabled.

Play Among the Stars Theatre Groupe is funded by several charity events throughout the year including a Golf Tournament and a Sponsored Bowling day.

Besides a great feel good story, exposure for Play Among the Stars Theatre Groupe is important so that others with physical and mental challenges can take advantage of the opportunity to learn about the Arts, friendship and the opportunity to belong to a wonderful organization.

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  1. Sara has brought so much love to Kim and has taught her so much & that she has experienced throw the Theatre Groupe & has made many new friends. Sara Thanks so much.


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