Play Among The Stars Theatre Groupe, Inc. is a non-profit organization for the physically and developmentally challenged. Based in Salem, NH we serve the Southern NH and Merrimac Valley region.

“Sara ..What you do is incredible, I spent most of Fri nite in goosebumps or squeezing my husbands (Ted) hand! I wrote a poem a long time ago when Teddy was 2 Two Years Old and Growing, well I think it’s time for a new one. There is no end to what our loved ones can learn and accomplish, and that is thanks to people like your self.. The pride and self confidence you help them achieve is just one of the many things that is learned from PATS. I felt more country pride after the show I wish it was seen by more of this county leaders I can’t thank you enough.”

– Mary Theos (Teddys mom)