Greetings From Our Stars

Hello friends and families,

Because of “the virus” our rehearsals and Spring show have been cancelled. This makes us sad because we look forward to spending time with our friends each week and we really look forward to our performances to show our friends and families how talented we are and how much we love Play Among The Stars.

We have put this page together as a way of reaching out to those who want to say, “hi”, see familiar faces and to say, “we miss you but we will be back!”

It’s very hard for for everyone to change their life styles….I know I miss my lifestyle….but it’s even harder for our group to be taken away from their friends and their routines. By doing this page, we hope, when we really miss each other, we can look at it, smile and know we will always have our theater friends and we will be back!!!

So please enjoy the pictures, the videos, the messages and the songs.

Take care and be safe.


Elizabeth is making yummy cookies!

Elizabeth cookies


Tim J. Is proudly showing off his new jacket he received from theater group! All 67 clients got new jackets. Merry Christmas!

Tim J Jacket

Kim M. LOVES her new jacket!!!


Kim M Jacket

Merry Christmas from Robert!

Nicole D. with her Christmas song

Morgan taking her puppy for a stroll!

Hunter loves Captain America!

Hunter Captain America

This says it all! Zac H., one of our “stars” is certainly on the right track! We will get through this terrible time together. Thumbs up for America and all the great people who put themselves in the front line to help others and keep us safe. To all our friends, supporters, parents and members, stay safe and stay positive. We will see you soon.

Thumbs Up American Flag

This is my team shirt Salem Olympic Devils From Nicole

Nicole D

One Pair of Hands by Justin

From Josh J.: “Have a Holly, Jolly Summer!”


From Gordon G.: “Hoping everyone is staying safe and well. Hoping to be able to see everyone soon back at theatre missing everyone.”

Amy B’s Acting debut

“Big Hello” from Teddy T

Teddy T

Catalina has been spending a lot of time swinging.  She said “Be healthy and my birthday is coming up.”


Hunter’s Video

Jan G. says “Hi Everyone!”

Jan G

Tom J.

Tom J Puzzle Wave

Alicia C’s Video

Valentines evening at our club at Cypress Woods

Valentines Evening

When there is so much wrong in the world, there is paradise!

Another day in paradise

Brianna N. likes to bake!

Brianna N

This says it all, Andrew G.!

Andrew G

Julia M. and her dog

Julia M

Zac P. is practicing!

Zac P

Jason’s Video

Kim M. says she misses us all and please be safe. See you this summer.

Kim M

Jason B. getting ready to golf!

Jason Brown Golf

Happy Easter from Robert H.

Kim M. says stay home and be safe!

Kim M

Robert made the Manchester United Stadium which is where they play soccer in the UK. It is made out of legos. He did it by himself. Very good job, Robert!!!

Robert Legos

Kevin has been in the hospital but is home now and doing good. Hugs to Kevin, we miss him too.


Video message from Stephanie H. Happy Birthday to Steph on May 1st!

Hunter L. Is practicing for the next Spring show. Looks like he has his own stage! Good job Hunter!


Happy May 1st Birthday to Steph! Friends and family surprised her with a parade!!!

Steph Birthday

Heather was excited to perform her Shania Twain song from the 2020 Spring Show on an open mic night! You can watch her on YouTube here. She is the second performer.

Happy 47th Birthday to Jason Brown. I hope your day is a special as you are!!!!

Jason Birthday

Captain Sean!

Captain Sean

Robert and Zac finally got to spend time together!!

Robert and Zac


Looks like David S. Took a tumble. So sorry to see this. All of us at theater hope your recovery is quick and smooth. Get better soon.

David S Tumble